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Conveyor system

Maximum conveyor Speed 1.5 m/min

Standard maximum process width up to 250 mm (Option:205mm/300mm/350mm)

Finger Conveyor 

Easy to adjust welding angle:4-7º

Easy to adjust process width


 Flux coating system

Standard:spray type


Preheating system

Preheat lenght is 600mm(Option:800mm)

Far infrared heating heater


Media supply

Compressed air :>=0.4Mpa


Electrical power :wave width=205/250mm ,peak power : 6.6kw,single phase,50/60hz 

              wave width=300/350mm ,peak power : 12kw,three phase,50/60hz               


Exhaust:duct diameter=150mm,

exhaust rate range:5-12 m³( Dependence on the distance of the exhaust fan)


Solder module

Depending on the alloy used and process width,standard solder content is between 120 to 140 kg



Solde capacity reference:Depending on the max wave width and the alloy used, solder content is about(take dual wave as an example):

Max wave width 200mm : between 100 to 140kg / Max wave width 250mm : between 150 to 180kg

Max wave width 300mm : between 220 to 250kg / Max wave width 350mm : between 260 to 300kg

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