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  The length of the preheating zone  is 1200mm  for this machine, if the preheating heating mode by IR or other bake , the flux on the PCB activation is not enough, so the machine adopts forced hot air, hot air heat transfer to the PCB through the high-speed circulation, to achieve the goal of fast heating.


Technical parameter


Technical specifications

System Control Method Panel
Conveyor Width Max.300mm
PCB Conveyor Direction Left to right  /Right to left
PCB size 50-300mm
PCB Soldering Angle 4-7°
PCB feeding height 750±50mm
Preheating area temperature room temperature~200° adjustable
Preheating area length 1200mm
Preheating area quantity 3 sections
Nozzle flow shifting mode Air pressure adjust
Solder pot capacity 250kg
Solder pot temperature Max. room temperature~350°C
Wave motor Variable frequency stepless speed regulation
Power supply 3 Ph 380V 50HZ
Total power Approx. 19KW
Dimension 3100(L)* 1480(W)* 1780(H)mm (without guide rail)
Flux spraying mode Cylinder
Weight Approx.1300kg
Flux flow volume 10-100ml/min
Packing Exemption wooden box and vacuum packaging
Packing size L3300 * W1600 * H1900mm (no include track and lighthouse
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